Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

I am sitting here on this deck, chill-axing and loving the sounds of summer on the lake. Today’s our last full day here. It’s been great seeing our friends again and getting caught up. This is our 11th year and our kid’s are so grown up and some are off to university next month.

For now, I will sip my beer, read my book and soak up the sound of water lapping on the dock. Tomorrow we’ll be back in the city again…missing this.



The Loons are Calling

So I decided to start a blog on the eve of our family vacations.  Yep plural! A bit about vacation numero uno…

Every year for the past 12 years, we head up to the Northern Ontario cottage country known as “Muskoka”.  We stay at an old lodge / resort called Cleveland’s House.  The best way to describe it is a camp for families, young and old.


Canadian’s call those chairs “Muskoka Chairs”. Our southerly neighbours have a similar type they call “Adirondack Chairs”. Who cares, they’re comfy!

What is cool about this place is most families go the same week every year and stay in the same lodgings if they want or ask to upgrade.  You pre-pay and get three great meals a day (NO COOKING !!!) and we sit in the same table every meal.  Honestly, every year when we arrive we always comment that we feel like we were there yesterday.  It’s so fun to see the same families and get caught up and marvel at how big the children are getting and moan about how old we’re getting 😉

The first year, we met a family with two girls close to my daughter’s age and with the same interest:  competitive dance.  We all became fast friends.  The second year, we joined tables tin the dining room to get the girls to sit down as well as to stop us disturbing neighbours by talking across the room LOL.

This beautiful, historic building is the main lodge and dining room. Beautiful gardens too.

My hubbie and I spend our day time golfing 9 holes and playing tennis.  Or biking and swimming.  Or getting a massage or canoeing.   There’s even live evening entertainment.  The resort is rustic and lovely … not quite Dirty Dancing but a bit like it.  Our accommodations overlook the guest boat dock from which we swim out to “the rock”, a submerged boulder about 50 yards out.

Cottage life without the work!

Time to pack.

Hello and welcome!

I will start this blog by posting a photo of what started me on my furniture painting journey one year ago.

mahogany dining furniture

In the summer of 2012, we were updating the main floor flooring and I wanted hardwood in the dining room.  I also wanted new dining room furniture.  Sadly, there isn’t much of a market for mahogany furniture like mine unless you want to give it away.  After several weeks on Kijiji and Craigslist, I decided I had nothing to lose by painting it.  So I did.

I’ve always been a research junky and then I discovered Pinterest.  Sometimes I wonder if that discovery was a good one or not 😉  I can’t tell you the number of hours I spent reading up on techniques, paint types, colours, fabrics, etc.  After many weeks, I finally tackled it.  I wish I was a blogger then because it really was a learning journey and I loved every minute of it.

Here’s a peak at how it looks now.